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Forest ecosystems are one of the most important natural resources of Ukraine, demanding maximum economical using, constant renewal and preservation of its potential.

The organization of effective management of forest reserves and the realization of state policy in this sphere are the main goals of the Vinnitsa regional management of forestry.

Ensuring rational using of forest resources and preservation of their species diversity, Vinnitsa regional management of forestry also develops and realizes various acts on forest conservation from fire, defense from pests and diseases.

Keeping books and thorough monitoring of forests allow seeing the real picture of forest reserves changing.

Due to constant perfection of economical aspects of forestry management the sizes of timber cutting and the sales of wood on forest auctions are increasing.

Timber cutting of Vinnitsa regional management of forestry is based on fundamental researches, aimed at organization and control of forest usage.

Productive process of woodwork is provided at special workshops with powerful equipment, which allows offering saw-timber, balances and timber of various species, production of woodwork such as beams and planking for sale.

Vinnitsa regional management of forestry invites to mutual cooperation with organizations and private persons.

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The head of department

Popelnuk Viktor Visilievich

The deputy chief of department
Urchenko Petro Andreevich

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